Eternally Bound by Brenda K. Davies

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October 15, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

Paranormal Romance by Brenda K. Davies
Alliance Series (book one)

Book Boyfriend: 💋💋💋💋
Ronan is the oldest vampire on Earth and practically King…although he didn’t take his title when his parents died.  He is the strongest vampire and has vowed to protect the innocents of the world, both vampire and human. Ronan is the leader of the Defenders, an all pure blood group of fighters.  He wars with his inner demon every day to keep from becoming savage, and the fight is increasingly harder the older he gets. Ronan is protective, fierce, loyal and strong. He’s only ever had one objective in his life until he meets Kadence.

Strong Female Lead: 💋💋💋💋💋
Kadence is a rare female hunter whose bloodline is the strongest of her people.  Her father was the leader of her community until he was slaughtered by a vampire.  Kadence has been kept locked away for her entire life, as all female hunters are. Her only purpose is to entertain the husband she will eventually have and produce babies.  She isn’t even given the option of who she wants to marry but he is picked for her. Kadence has other plans and has never fit the mold the community tries to force on her. She is strong, smart, opinionated, and fiercely independent.  She’s pretty badass.

Plot: 💋💋💋💋
The story is definitely written as a series.  This book introduces the main conflict that won’t be resolved until future books.  But there is an inner story, Ronan and Kadence’s story, within that. I loved how Ronan tried to give Kadence everything she wanted even if he knew it would hurt him.  As someone who has read the Awakening series, I liked how this book kept true to the information we learned from that series but took it a step further. The introduction of the hunters is a cool twist because it adds another element to the paranormal world.  The story kept me engaged the whole time and I had a hard time putting it down. I didn’t like that the main conflict was not solved because I generally like it when things are wrapped up in a bow at the end of a book. It did, however, have me looking forward to reading the next book.

Steamy Factor: 💋💋💋
There was some definite steaminess throughout the book… ummm, yummy alpha male vampire.  Swoon.

Overall: 💋💋💋💋
I really enjoy a good paranormal romance and thought this was a quick and easy read.  Sometimes vampire books can be overdone or be repetitive but I feel like this book and series are different enough to keep me interested.  I liked reading about Kadence and Ronan’s story while reading the “bigger picture” story – hunters unexpectedly aligning with vampires to take out a common enemy.

Book Summary from author:
Over the centuries, anything Ronan once found pleasure in has faded away to be replaced with blood, death, and the ever-constant battle not to give in to the more savage side of his vampire nature. Every time he wakes, he questions if that day will be the one he succumbs to the beckoning darkness.

As a born hunter, Kadence has been sheltered from the world for her entire life, never allowed to step beyond the walls of her home. It’s not a life she’s happy with, but it’s one she’s come to accept. Everything changes the day her father is slaughtered by a vampire and she escapes the walls that have kept her caged.

After she’s attacked by the monster responsible for killing her father, Kadence is unsure how to react when she’s rescued by Ronan. Though raised to hate vampires, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ronan as she slowly begins to realize that everything she’s been taught over the years may not be true. Now, she must decide what she wants more; Ronan, her family, or the elusive freedom she’s finally found.

***The Alliance Series is a spin off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series in order to follow the Alliance Series.***

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