We are Kari and Katie – two elementary school teachers who LOVE to read. We bonded over books and continue to make them part of our daily conversations. This site was created to share our favorite books with others.

Kari is a wife of 8 years,  mom of 3 6-year-olds (yes – TRIPLETS!), Louisville Cardinals and Cincinnati sports teams fan who loves to read and travel. She carries a book with her every where she goes. Currently she is attending online courses at Georgetown College for a 2nd Master’s Degree in education. She would love to work in a library or as a book editor when her teaching days are over.

Katie is single and living vicariously through her romance novels… until she gets her sh*% together and puts herself out there.  Until then, she gets her kicks from watching the University of Kentucky basketball (yes, Kari and her clash fiercely in this area but don’t let it get them down… because deep down Kari knows Katie cheers for the superior team.  HAHA!), many house projects (HGTV is her go-to channel when surfing), traveling because the world has so much to offer, and reading (obviously).  She would love to finish writing the novel she started ages ago and be more active on the writing front.


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