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  1. The Prophecy by Jennifer Armentrout

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    October 17, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    Bittersweet in finishing this one… grab some tissues because this one hits you in the feels.

    XX- Katie

  2. Eternally Bound by Brenda K. Davies

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    October 15, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    I don’t think I would mind being eternally bound to Ronan!

    XX- Katie

  3. Love Sincerely Yours by Sara Ney and Meghan Quinn

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    October 13, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    What happens when you have a crush on your boss, then anonymously let him know? XX – Kari

  4. Ridge by S.L. Scott

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    October 11, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    If you’re a fan of the Crow Brothers you won’t want to miss the story of Ridge! XX – Kari

  5. The Wrong Game Cover Reveal

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    October 8, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    From the bestselling author of A Love Letter to Whiskey and the What He Doesn’t Know Duet comes an angsty, emotional, and fun sports romance. XX – Katie and Kari

  6. The Matchmaker’s Playbook by RVD

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    October 6, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    Wingman Rule #1: Don’t fall for the client…
    XX – Katie and Kari

  7. Chaser Review by Kylie Scott

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    October 2, 2018 by kissandtellbookblog

    Give yourself some time when you start this book because you won’t want to put it down.

    XX – Katie


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